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“Lisa is an incredibly intuitive and analytical massage therapist.  She observes and listens carefully to determine areas that need work.  She understands the way the human body works so well that she is able to address the problem areas much more successfully than other massage therapists I have been to.” –Vidya (San Francisco)


"Lisa is practiced and expert in her massage, and a gentle caring soul whose compassion shines through in her work and demeanor. I always leave feeling better, both physically and spiritually." - Swami (Oakland)


“Lisa is the best massage therapist I've ever seen.  When I injured my shoulder, her strong, deft, and gentle hands helped me recover swiftly.  Now I see her on a regular basis simply for rest, realignment, and restoration.  Her eclectic training, which includes Thai massage and yoga, has provided her with formidable knowledge and insight.  Her attentiveness is a gift.” - Cat (Santa Cruz)


"Lisa is a great massage therapist. She is knowledgeable, strong, sensitive to her clients' needs, and clearly devoted to the art and practice of healing people. She has helped me immensely with injuries, stress, and general well-being. I highly recommend her." - Eric (Santa Cruz)


“I count myself lucky to have taken many yoga classes with Lisa through the years at a variety of venues. No matter where she it teaching, I benefit from Lisa's calm demeanor, knowledge of the asanas and excellent instruction. As a yoga student for many years, I find Lisa's style a wonderful way to unwind and center myself. I highly recommend taking a class with Lisa to experience this for yourself.”  - Karen (Santa Cruz)


"Lisa has an incredibly responsive and intuitive touch. She is a natural at massage, giving you exactly what you need with kindness and expertise." - Allison (Santa Cruz)


“Lisa has a unique style to yoga teaching which is compassionate and sincere.  She will connect with each student on a personal level and study your true potential.  I would recommend Lisa as a yoga instructor to anyone interested in the practice.” – Jennifer (Santa Cruz)


“Lisa’s yoga classes are the best I’ve found in Santa Cruz, and I have shopped around. She challenges her students while effectively reminding us to stay centered and focused on the most beneficial way for each individual to go through class…  Lisa is extremely knowledgeable about the body and helpful in modifying poses when appropriate.  She is a great judge on the level of students in her class and juggles a wide array of levels as well.” – Miriam (Santa Cruz)


“I have been a client of Lisa’s for several years now – initially as my yoga instructor and then as a massage therapist.  She is extremely committed to the field of health and wellness, always expanding her knowledge base and methods.  She has a great way of knowing how to work with individuals needs, even in a group setting, and can deal effectively with folks with different personalities and awareness of health issues.  I would strongly recommend Lisa for you or your firm, either as a sole practitioner or as part of group training/therapy program.” – Tom (Santa Cruz)