Private Yoga and Massage House Calls and Gift Certificates
Massage Rates & Office Locations
Corporate Yoga and Massage

Corporate yoga and massage rates are based on location, number of hours, and frequency. Contact me at or at (831) 239-8698 to obtain a quote.  Great for health fairs, special events, and ongoing care for your employees.  Benefits include reduced absenteeism, increased moral, onsite care for aches and pains and injuries, an attractive employee perk, and potential tax write-offs.

Above rates are for massage sessions at the corresponding locations.  Private yoga, house

calls, and combo yoga and massage session rates are slightly higher and include a set up and/or transport fee.  Email me at or (831) 239-8698 with your address and desired appointment date and I can quote you a specific rate.  I also offer gift certificates!    (831-239-8698)